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Common Sense Values.

Why I'm Running

Amarillo’s my home, it always has been. And the last two years as your councilman has reinforced my belief that our city is capable of moving in the right direction. And with your vote, we can do that together.
A new wave of decision-makers are about to be elected to lead this city. And I continue to think that a fair playing field for all citizens is achievable. This happens when you apply common sense solutions, and when you do that, a culture of community will flourish.
As we move forward with this campaign I want to stress three key points that I believe are absolutely necessary for this next phase in our city.

Public Safety

What’s that mean? Well, I strongly believe that public safety is a foundational priority. Our number one goal is to protect our most vulnerable. We need to take care of our first responders and their needs and the city budget needs to reflect this. We need a more focused police presence in our community.
We can build our budget around the men and women of the Amarillo Police Department and the Amarillo Fire Department. Every day they put their lives on the line to serve and protect us. It’s time we take care of them.
This can be done without raising taxes. These men and women deserve to be paid for the daily sacrifice. We don’t want them to leave because they’ll get paid more somewhere else. We need to retain our quality people with good quality wages.

Streets & Infrastructure

With our budget, it’s our job to build a plan for growth and infrastructure, but it has to make sense. We can not allow ourselves to create plans that will lead us to bigger and meaningless debt. I’m not opposed to growth, let’s fix what we have instead of raising taxes. I’m used to working with my hands and it’s going to take a lot of hard work and long nights but it can be done.

Clean Up Amarillo

I’m tired of seeing our city this way. Let’s take pride and Clean Up Amarillo! Every day tourists make their pit stops here. That means revenue for both small and big business owners. We can make a better impression, not just for them but for us, all of us that live here. If you’re single, married, kids, or no kids, Amarillo needs to shine from north to south and east to west. I want to clean our streets and alleys and parks so that we can enjoy our city. Let’s improve trash pickup and solid waste collection and hold each other accountable!

About Me

Cole Stanley isn’t a politician, he’s a problem solver who believes you need to roll up your sleeves and show up when people need you. Cole is a proven leader who has dedicated more than 20 years of serving people in our community. An entrepreneur and business leader, Cole is an experienced mediator and problem solver. As Amarillo business owners face uncertainty, he brings a lifetime of experience from building successful businesses and making payroll.

Cole was born and raised in Amarillo and has been in business as a commercial/residential builder since 1999. He serves on the Arrow Child and Family Ministries board of directors and is a founding member of Arrow Health Solutions. Cole and his family are members at Messiah’s House Church and has a heart for mentoring business owners. He has dedicated his life to encourage and foster small businesses through mentoring and has helped start nearly 30 small businesses in Amarillo, nearly all of whom are still operating today. “Above all else, I believe that access to opportunity should be across Amarillo and not limited by education, status, or zip code.”

“We live in a great city and those of us who live here have one thing in common: we all want what’s best for Amarillo and the people who live here. I am excited to announce my candidacy and ready to go to work for you.”

Strategies Serving the whole community

Simple solutions for everyday problems.
Public Safety
Streets & Infrastructure
Clean up Amarillo

Mayor Cole Stanley 


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